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Devin Williams Deserves All The Awards. Every One.

Mr. Williams had arrived and he announced it in spectacular fashion. A fire-breathing, glove-screaming reliever who knew how good he was (even if we didn’t yet). Since then, he has proceeded to pitch at a clip never seen before. We will dissect his season, closely examine the numbers and break down why he deserves all the awards. Devin Williams is in a League of his own and BREW MATHs can prove it.

Why They Can’t Hit The Man With Glasses

Corbin Burnes is 24-years-old and coming off his debut year as a multiple-inning reliever for The Brewers. Nothing big, he just went 7-0 down the stretch for a team in the thick of a pennant run. BREW MATHs zooms in on the small sample size Burnes’ career offers & proves you don’t need vision correction to see his greatness…

Alex Claudio Is Better Than You Know

The Brewers acquired Alex Claudio in a trade with The Rangers. Milwaukee gave up a ‘Competitive Balance Round A’ Draft Pick (Per T.R. Sullivan at MLB.com). These types of picks are given to the 10 lowest-revenue clubs each year (i.e. the smallest markets). David Stearns turned and used this “extra” pick on the 26 year old Claudio… recognizing the risks outweigh the potential rewards.