Earned Run Average (ERA)

ERA = (Earned Runs / IP) * 9

ERA is one of the oldest pitching metrics still used today. It simply is the average of earned runs given up by a pitcher per nine innings (i.e. the traditional length of a game).

Like a golf score, the lower it is… the better!

Ken Sanders pitched for The Brewers for three years (1970-1972)
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Top 10 Brewers ERA (All-Time)

  1. 2.21 Ken Sanders
  2. 2.66 Jeremy Jeffress
  3. 2.96 Bill Castro
  4. 2.99 Mike Fetters
  5. 3.20 Bob Wickman
  6. 3.21 Dan Plesac
  7. 3.47 Chuck Crim
  8. 3.60 Shaun Marcum
  9. 3.61 Teddy Higuera
  10. 3.65 Jim Colburn

***Updated 12/2020


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More recently, ERA has been improved upon by Baseball Reference and FanGraphs. For a complete BREW MATHs Summary of ADJUSTED ERA (ERA+ & ERA-) click HERE