On-Base Plus Slugging Percentage


  • Drawback: OPS does not properly weight OBP & SLG
    • Slugging percentage is typically 1.6X higher than on-base percentage
      • wOBA (and many of the newer metrics) attempts to properly weight all of the outcomes that can stem from a plate appearance.

OPS+ = a more advanced version of OPS; it takes into account park effects & league effects

  • MLB Average is then set to 100
    • Marks ABOVE 100 indicate the player is BETTER than League Average
    • Marks BELOW 100 indicate the player is WORSE than League Average
  • OPS+ allows for easy comparisons between different OPS values… regardless of era, league or park effect.
Richie Sexson played with The Brewers from 2000-2003.
He went on to finish his career with The Diamondbacks, Mariners and Yankees.

Ranking the Best Brewers OPS+ of All-Time:

  1. Yelich 171
  2. Fielder 143
  3. Braun 135
  4. Sexson 133*
  5. Scott 131
  6. Briggs 131
  7. Molitor 125
  8. Lezcano 125
  9. Oglivie 124
  10. TIE: Burnitz / Cooper 123

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