Other Offensive Stats

Batted Ball Direction

  1. Pull%
  2. Center%
  3. Opposite%

Allows us to contextualize a hitter’s performance (i.e. are they a pull hitter?)

NOTE:  There is not an ideal distribution here

Quality of Contact


  1. Soft%
  2. Med%
  3. Hard%

Started measuring this in 2002 – Based on hang time, trajectory and landing spot (exit velocity is not included)

NOTE:  There is not an ideal distribution here

Pitch Values


aka Pitch Type Linear Values

How well does a hitter do with a certain situation and / or pitch?  How well does a player hit the curveball?  Are they better in 1-0 or full counts? Etc.

NOTE:  A good retrospective look at situational performance (but not highly predictive)