Batting Average on Balls In Play = BABIP

BREW MATHsummary

  • How often non-homeruns land in-play for singles, doubles or triples
  • More useful with a large sample size (defense & luck factor in)
    • Most major league hitters will have a BABIP of ~.300 when they have enough plate appearances (>800)
  • It can be thought of as a hitters “set point” since it tends to be static
    • If a player has a lifetime BABIP of .300 and starts the first month with .350, odds are he’s due for a regression.
  • Can be applied to pitching performance but is less useful

Career BABIP Leaders (’00 – ’18):

.360  Domingo Santana (!)

.359  Chrisitan Yelich (!)

.356  Aaron Judge

.355  Austin Jackson

.355  Paul Goldschmidt

.354  Mike Trout